Quotes added on Friday, June 9 2006

Well here comes one niiight of L. O. V. E.
one niiight of F. U. N.
but here comes the babii and everythings D. O. N. E.
now we cant F. U. C. K. and its been sad but you were the..

B E S T that i've ever had...!!!!
We _L_a_u_g_h_e_d_ over the stupid things we do
We c r y e d over the heartbreaks of the boys we loved
We c.h.e.r.i.s.h.e.d.the moments that will last a lifetime
We [s][t][a][y]by eachothers side when we need a should to cry on
No matter w-h-a-t.
That he'd gotten to her heart was a secret she kept from everyone, often even from herself. But she'd been so sure - was still so sure - that on some level Ben felt the same way she did. So why did he want to fight it?
so i'll erase everything;
& i'll forget about you.
it's just too bad that this;
might be the hardest thing
i will ever have to do.
<edits are so cute. IM for them>
i will be your accident
if you will be my ambulance;
& i will be your screech & crash
if you will be my crutch & cast.
& i will be your one more time if
you will be my one last chance <33.
<edits are way cute. IM for them>
She'd do anything to sparkle in his eye
She would suffer, she would fight, and compromise
She's been wishin' on the stars that shine so bright
For answers to the questions that will haunt her tonight

She must rinse this all away
She can't hold him this way
She must rinse this all away
She can't love him...

t h i s w a y
<center> <b>YOU</b>
I use 2 B3lieve the saying " He is just a boy," was untrue until i met the boy who made it. He was a sk8ter boy cute and sweet. For that whole week he played me a fool and messed with my mind. When the week was over and he did all those things he did thats when i finally relized the saying he is just a boy was really true.
I WaNt R Luv 2 Catch Lk Fire =)
4 all 2 c
& Crazy things will happen
But its Meant to
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