Quotes added on Saturday, June 10 2006

People Tell Me Mii Obsession Is Bad....
But I Have An Excuse....
At Least Mine Is Hott!
Your Mama Is Like A Hardware Store
25 Cents A Screw!
Don’t hate me
Don’t regret me
Don’t forget mt
Wherever you go
Whatever you do
Don’t ever say that I didn’t
Love you
Tell me your blue sky’s fade to gray..
Even if im nothing to you
you’ll always be everything to me
It only hurts when your pretending it doesn’t..
I tried to sniff coke.. But the ice cubes got in the way..
Darling, what did you expect?
Keepin it Gansta.. WHITE_GIRL STYLE <33
I got stuck with cupids dumb brother, stupid <|3
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