Quotes added on Sunday, June 18 2006

i remember every word you said, okay?
i'm not naive & i'm not stupid. i've been broken before.
i can deal with it. i'm not scared of moving on with
my life. what i'm scared of is that somewhere
along the road, i'll realize that you were my life.
&&she looked in her mirror as the eyeliner smuged her eyes
two sides of the story the truth and a lie
all that was left for her was pure confusion
She says she doesn`t care but
the look in her eyes and the tone
of her voice tells a different story
Regrets are for fools who have all the time in the world to live in the past. I don't have forever. I have right now to live my life, and I'm not spending the present wishing I could change the past.
That night I realized that I wouldn't get the chance i had a year ago. I missed the train, and it's not coming back. I had the chance to hold you in my arms, to breathe in your scent and pretend you were mine till the music stopped. But when you asked me to dance, it struck me that I don't want that. I can't want that, because having that feeling will mean losing you...
It's amazing how some one can break your heart, and you still love them with all the tiny pieces.
I'm the girl who laughs because I'm nervous, giggles when it's too quite, and falls silent only when she sees you walking by.
I talk too much
I laugh too loud
I trip alot
I'm not allowed
To call you past a certain time
But I'll call you just to ask you why
I'll call you when I'm bored
Or just when I can't sleep
I'll call you when I'm crying
Or to tell you what I think
And through it all you sit there
And brush away my fears
I'm glad that you're my TRUE friend
And you'll always be here
This boy and girl were driving and the boy said
is everthing okay you’ve been really quiet
And the girl replied can you pull over for a sec??
So he pulled over and she said We’ve been dating a
I think we should see other people
The boy’s eyes start to tear and he hands her a note
Just then the car was hit by a drunk driver
The girl came out with barely a scratch but the boy...
Doesn’t make it
Remembering the note she takes it out and reads
Without your love I die <3
Party time x|3 Schools out

Sleeping in ... sneekiNg out

Days are warm -- > nights

are hazy * Summer of |[06]|

is gunna be C R A Z Y!
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