Quotes added on Monday, June 19 2006

People only say stuff that isn't true about you because they wish their life was half as exciting as everyone says it is.
things are changing what should we think.
my feelings are strong. but my heart is week.
insecurites...there what girls live by. every girl has insecurites. every girl has douts. thats just how it is. we love to hear from guys that were wrong. that were funny. pretty. perfect. were just waiting for that right guy to come along. to make us feel special like a one of a kind. we want a guy that puts us above anyone else. we want a guy thats afraid to lose us. that if they did that means they lost their world. we want to be their world.
don't worry about me
in the end i'll be fine
i'm just the girl forgotten
the girl always left behind
Would things have changed if I could've stayed?
Would you have loved me either way?
the words that you never said
are the ones that hurt me the most
Best friends

Listen to what you don't say
i want a guy who is right there with me
as i walk home in the rain
who`ll look at me with my dripping wet hair
&& soaked clothes and kiss me
and say "i`ve never loved you more."
Everyones always telling me to just get over you and move on; obviously they just don't understand just how hard I've already tried
i knew that this was love.......

when my make-up was smudjed
when i was in baggy clothes
and when my eyes would nt stop crying

when he looked at me in that mezmorizing way and said i never looked more beautiful
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