Quotes added on Tuesday, June 20 2006

i keep closing
my eyes
but i can't
you out

;make every other line peach...
;make tha other lines periwinkle...
;underline block and make it 2 sizes bigger then tha rest
;block should be periwinkle
maybe he would love me if i changed back to how i used to be</33


;;make it cute
Best friends are someone you can trust with anything
someone you know can totaly understand&help you out
you can know that they'll always be there for you <3 ily
[you know who you are]:-)
when you act like nothing ever happened
i feel like i should feel bad, but i can't like
someone who thought they'retheonlyone
that matteredi hope that you're flattered
cause you broke this down ; the
best thing that youneverhad

*cute edits
for a limited time only
@(';')@  --MONKEY!!!!!!

;make tha --MONKEY!!!!!! red
;make tha @(';')@ brown & bold
;font-cosmic sans ms
He said,"Dont worry, true love always finds a way.

She turned to him, her tears hidden from the rain, makeup a mess, and just looked at him for a minute.

Then she replied,"I'm all grown up now..dont tell anymore fairytales."
Where'd you go..
I miss you so♥
"I don't doubt it, son. But maybe it's not your mind or your body you should be listening to. Maybe you should be listening to your heart." - Tall Cool One
So was that love? He had no clue. And he decided that was okay. He had deep feelings for Cammie. One part of his life was about to end and another part to begin. For him, that was enough. - Tall Cool One
*-, iim so cool ,-*
ice cubes are jealous!
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