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i can go crazy
with out the rumors
When your reaching for the stars, but only reach the clouds just remember your a hole lot higher than everyone else.. -Jamie Foxx Show
~~~>If YoU lIvE iN tHe MoMeNt
YoU wIlL nEvEr KnO tHe FuTuRe<~~~
if love it supid...
then im the dumbest
person in the world
^there is nothing we can do about it <3 we are who we are and no one can change that!
*~Everyone lives life but you never kno wht life is till u experament~*
People are like
Basically useless
and yet it's so amusing
to watch them
fall down the stairs♥♥

do whatever but make one heart smaller than the other
Summer 06'
O N E B I G P A R T Y B A B Y !
people make mistakes '
most people forgive them'
others will never let it go
some will stay c l o s e '
others f a l l a p a r t ; '
its all just because of that
o n e l i t t l e m i s t a k e'
that o n e person made
cause that o n e person ;
making that' o n e mistake
could completely ruin '
's o m e t h i n g g o o d ;

cute edits* limited time only
It's no fun being beautiful when even losers won't talk to you.. - You're the One That I Want
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