Quotes added on Monday, June 26 2006

There are millions of people in this world
But in the end it all comes down to [o.n.e]
♥ -crazy beautiful-
&& I've finally realized that I'm

c o m p l e t l y
"Friends" is all we are...
"Couples" is were I want to be...
As years pass by you realize that
It's not the clothes or hair that make you who you are,
But the family and friends you've got.
silly fights
jealous girls.
through it all
I still ♥ you.
&& She pretends she doesn't care,

but really, she cares more than anyone else.
I'm going to love you one day past forever, and thats as far as it goes.
all my friends ask why
i`m so hung up on you
after ALL the crap you
put me through.
it's hard to explain &
-----» i wish they could
realize what it's like to
look at you through my
|[ eyes ]|
yo momma is soooooooo fat she went swimmin in the ocean and the whales started singin " WEE ARE FAMILY I GOT ALL MY MOMMA'S WIT ME"
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