Quotes added on Tuesday, June 27 2006

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."
-Wayne Gretzky
Live, laugh, love
a girl sits at home wishing he was
there to be & there to stay
i lay awake at night wishing you wore there
to hipe my tear one last time
he kissed me on the forehead
danced with me at night
sang me love songs
wispered a lie
to kill me inside</3
i say i dont care; when i really do
i say i hate him: when i love him
i say i never want to see him; when i him next to me
when he was begining to forget
i remembred
when he walked away
i followed
when he smiled
i smiled
& after everthing i did
im still not good enough</3

100% mine dont take credit
*woodnt life be *perfect* if sweatpants were *-SeXy-* Monday mornings were {fun}* junk food wuz healthy for u* friends didnt cause D.r.A.m.A {{guYs}} werent c*o*n*f*u*s*i*n*g* -nothing- wuz regretable* and G-O-O-D-B-Y-E-S only meant until *t.O.m.O.R.r.O.w*
*:·. the things you hate about yourself..
are the things that s o m e d a y
Someone's gunna [ love ] about you!
x0 . dONt rEGREt y0UR m i s t A k e z . x0
«|3 cUz iN tHE ENd tHEY _ a l W a y s_ «|3
x0 . t E a c h y 0 u s 0 m e t h i n g . x0
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