Quotes added on Tuesday, July 4 2006

once you think theres no one in the world that can satisfy someone out of the blue that you like and you know they like you then just go for it...i did and know i'm in the best relationship of my life♥
&& To Be Honest
[Things..] Ā© [Aren't The Same]

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.. sooo grab me; pull me close; and kiss me like you mean it <3333
i'd love you...
but its just not worth it.
summer 06'
&& she cant do, HALF the things, that i do. <333
Boston girls are pretty. New York girls are smart. But it takes a real Texas girl to win a fella's heart. Florida girls are tan. New Jeresy girls got flow. But when you want the cute kinda girl, Texas is where to go. To any guy who reads this, and truly wants to know
if you have A Texas girl, dont u ever let her go
i am nobody....
nobody is perfect....
therefor i am perfect
A friend is hard to find
Difficult to leave
and impossible to forget

Do something with the Hard Difficult and Impossible
dont laugh at me
dont call me names
dont get your plesure from my pain
in gods eyes we're all the same
someday we'll all have prefect wings..
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