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how am i suppose to feel?
&& When You Want it the Most
Theres No Easy Way Out
You need to Fight for Love
You gotta Make a Fist
maybe my heart told your heart
it had a parking place outside
or that we both like taking walks
and doing things at night
Maybe our hearts have the same favorite colors
and found eachother that way
or maybe its because they both like sunshine best
and always tell the summer to stay
maybe your heart sent my heart a secret message
that said: "i've been waiting for you...let's go"
Or maybe when it comes to things like this,
there aren't reasons...

...hearts just know.

-just italics for line 12, bold for line 13.
How could she have known when she'd woken up that morning that today was the day she'd fall in love? - You Know You Love Me
She kept her eyes closed and her body still. If she stayed like that for long enough, maybe everyone would forget about her and she wouldn't have to go on being Blair Waldorf, living her increasingly stupid life. - You Know You Love Me
and the truth is, were all just a bunch of kids, wanting to really know what love is.
L E T || M E || P U T || S O M E || J E R S E Y || i N || i T

the CUTEST edits !!!! I.M me for themm !
best friends.
you may
get into fights
talk bout each other behind their back
hate then sametimes...
but when it comes to
whipp cream fights
talking on the phone for hours
&& falling asleep on the others shoulder

its worth it<33

^all me so plz dont take the credit

edits: gray, 10 pt, terminal, make some words bold, in italics, and in different fonts and colors<33
i dont break hearts.
i break jaws

i dont know..
should of known then that you wheren't gonna stay true
knowing that I can't e v e n change [[you]]
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