Quotes added on Sunday, July 9 2006

living proof that shoes can change your life
i need you..
like water in my lungs<3
We're not friends because you sit together at lunch` or talk on the phone; or have matching flip-flops' or can recite each others wardrode. you're my bestfriend because when you smile, a grin forces itself across my face. no matter how mad I am-- when you cry, I instantly feel your pain, & want to cry with you. When I look you in the eyes I know there's no one I could ever trust more. regardless of how many broken hearts we've had. that's what it means to be best friends
there all we've been though

the ups ^ and the downss\/

i promise we'll stay strong

because your the best i ever had

& just thinking about loosing you makes me sick

i mean why would anymore not want to be your friend

you are by fair one of the greatest person i ever met

i just want you to know that --

i'll always remebmer you in my heart & that your my best friend

no scratch that my greatest friend

thank you for everything <3 [friends name]
sometimes we tend to be in despair when the person we care about leaves but THE truth is it's not our LOSS it's THiERS because they left the only p e r s o n in the world who WOUlD n e v e r give up ON t h e m

make it cute
s00 theres this b0y;;
& the way he smiles, makes me laugh;
the way he talks gives me butterflies;
& the way he h0lds me is undescribable <3
or maybe just dare becasue nobody
seems to tell the truth anymore
Heaven won't take me
Hell's afraid I'll take over
were the kind of girls that laugh at jokes three times;
-once when it's told,
-once when it's explained,
-and once five minutes later when we finally get it.
b*tchy ? ii miiqht bEe sliiqhtly . . butt ii
d0nt kn0 hOw t0 say ' f*Ck y0u ' p0litly
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