Quotes added on Tuesday, July 11 2006

Don't wait
The lights will *flash* and f a d e away
The days will p a s s you by
Cause I could fall asleep in those eyes. Y
I set my clocks early cause I know I'm always late.
She takes a deep breath
And acts like everything's ok.
I want answers to the questions I am asking
I want us to be that l o v e that's everlasting
Tell me that we belong together Dress it up with the trappings of love I'll be captivated,
I'll hang from your lips Instead of the gallows of heartache
That hang from above
Nothing tastes as sweet
As what I can't have
there were laughs
there are now crys
the tears on my fance
the smudged makeup
with another girl
on the other side
who knew all along
how could you do this
to me i thought you loved me
♥ is broken
have a great life with her
she will find out some day
those three words mean so much
why cant you ever say them
i wish you did love me
as much as i love you
why cant you just say......... i love you?

edits: the last i love you underlined and hot pink
those three words mean so much underlined bold hot pink
and make the rest look good adn if you dont like the way to set that up im me and ill thinkk of something good
`·.· ´ you know that girl in "a walk to remember"
she has a wish list with some pretty silly things
well what i really want is a guy like hers...i want
a guy that would take me to two places at once
just because thats w h a t i w a n t

font-tahoma size 8
what i want-bold
main text-light blue
the heart and what i want-cadet blue
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