Quotes added on Sunday, July 16 2006

Why'd ya have 2 go and be like that
Why'd ya have 2 go and leave like that
I did all i can for you to be my man...
* I Love You --> AND I KNOW you need me.. you Love me you even admitted to it.. but the only thing thats stopping us is her. *

Underline - know
Bod - us
Italicize - her
* Looks good in Arial Narrow dull blue*
Today on Semseme St.

Todays Letter of the Day : B

Todays Number of the Day : 13

What am I going to do.
I'll admit it the love of my life, I lost you.
You need to comeback to your baby girl.
The one who you said you'd give the world.
My pillow has seen to many tears.
and without you I have so many fears.
So answer my question and answer it good.
Do I move on? Or do I stay here where I should?
And through everything i still find
myself still and completley in love with you<3

- my own =)
- dont take credit
When I am older and my little girl asks me who my first love was ;; I can smile and say " He's sitting right over ther"
Love is an ugly, terrible business practiced by fools.
It'll trample your heart and leave you bleeding on the floor.
And what does it really get you in the end?
Nothing but a few i nc r e d i b l e m e m o r i e s that you can't ever shake.
The truth is there's gonna be other girls out there.
I mean, I hope, but
I'm never gonna get another first love.
That one's always gonna be her.

~little manhattan ¢¾
People say popular girls are only mean in movies...well i have proof there wrong!
BFF4L ya right!
& i want you to pinky promise me
that you will love me forever n ever

comic sans smallest size
everything in gray & then the "&" , pinky promise , n forever n ever in lite ble
dear tummy,
im soo sorry for all the butterflies
dont get mad at me. it was his fault.
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