Quotes added on Tuesday, July 18 2006

He Was Perfect.................

But Since When Has Perfection Become A Reality?

***this is an original***
i hate you;
you stupid lying jerk.
when you said you loved me
and you would love me forever;
i believed you.
but that was a mistake;
and the last thing you left me..
was a broken heart.

I like his smile,
I like his laugh,
I like that hes hot,
And how cute he is,
when hes sad
That boy can have any girl in the world,
But me because I'm his best friend. ♥
i did everything you wanted.
i hugged you, kissed you, loved you.
yet,you walk away and give me a broken heart.
you act like its nothing, and soon you forget.
well, its still in my mind, & im really upset.
i dont understand, how easy it is,
for you to forget me and choose her instead.
theres a rip in my heart,but you choose to ignore it
you act like its a scar, like everyone has it.
you dont care now, and will not care forever,
yet i will care, and care whenever.

--wow, that was like freestyle. from my mind like THAT. lol, ive never had a boyfriend, but im good at this stuff =]
pre-occupied without you i [cannot] live at all
my whole world surrounds you i stumble and i crawl
you could be my someone you could be my [scene]
I triple dog dare you to fall in love with me.
Trust is like a mirror; once you break it you can never look at it the same again. </3
The truth may hurt but the lies kill.
No one can make me smile like you do. <3
My notebook's filled with hearts saying I love you.
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