Quotes added on Wednesday, July 26 2006

Strumming my pain with his fingers.
Singing my life with his words.
Killing me softly with his saw, killing me softly.
With his saw, telling my whole life.
With his words, killing me softly.
With his S-S-A-W-W!
g o o f y p i c t u r e s and c r a z y t i m e s
[ sisters at heart && partners in crime. ]


goofy pics and crazy times blue
the && green and bolded
looks good in arial narrow
» there's always going to be that
one person that means so much
to you but you dont know if you
mean even half as much to them<3

make it cutee<3
Don't miss out on what's happening right now, just because you're waiting for something better to come along.©

makee it cutee<3
i can't eat. i can't sleep anymore, waiting for love to walk thru the door. i wish i didn't miss you anymore
one of these days it's gonna happen to you.
missin my love like i'm missin you. </3
When I get lonely and feel lyk im floating,
Nothing is real, im above it all,
Im above it, am above it all!

-Hanging On
You wanna talkin about love, then do it without your hands
You wanna be on the top, you gotta learn how to stand....
when in doubt, eat some oreos
spray on freshness lovers, spray on
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