Quotes added on Friday, July 28 2006

you said we would be together again
but i dont think thats gunna happen
at least not in this life time
because you treat me like a peice a carp
and even though i still love you
i dont want to be you girlfriend
if your gunna be like this all the time
dumping me for some random girl
so whatver....
im through with you
i wish you knew
what it was like
to live my life
and to never be
sure that tomorrow
would ever come

so go ahead
take a walk
in my shoes
i'll bet you
fall on the
if only..

..the sky changed colors
..life wasn't so short
..money DID grow on trees
..no one cared what they looked like
..heaven was a place on earth
..there was world peace
..you loved me
there will always be that first love. the love that changed the way you thought, the way you acted, and the way you spoke. that crazy feeling you got every once in a while. there will always be that first kiss. the tiny touch of lips that changed the way you felt. and there will always be the memories. and nothing will ever be the same.
and maybe..
just maybe.
we were ment
for eachother
but who knows?
i gave you my heart and i want
it back before i die anymore
when i said i loved you
i meant i love you. &
maybe you did at first
but then you lied &+
told me you still loved
me even though in the --
back of your mind you
were thinking.. i did love
you.. but now, i love
and every night she cries herself to sleep. and the guy who caused the tears in the first place is the only one who has the power to stop them.
not everybody
has awesome
friends like
m i n e
their my crazy weirdo's in a mental home
their my orange juice in the morning =]
their the cream cheese on my bagel.
their the losers i call my b e s t f r i e n d s
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