Quotes added on Wednesday, August 2 2006

&& and hes the type of boy where he could hurt u so many times but hes still the 1 n onlii thing u think bout~
so they are best friends....[but she will neva say how she feels**]
he looks at her n smiles...[♥ she stares bac hopin 1 day she cud b in his arms~```♥]
so they F I N A L L Y kissed and wit a smile they both L E F T
shes the type of girl who could get lost in a different world by jus lookin at ur B E A U T I F U L eyes and wishin she cud taste his lips 1 more time.....but den agen she does nuttin 2 prove wat she wants n hes still jus T H E R E~
and she loves him with all her heart
but now shes moving &&
they are goin to be apart..
..sumday will meet again &&
let this loves story end````^^^~
got me like a loaded gun
golden sun and skies so blue<3

-michelle branch
i`ve got a jar of dirt =)
--Pirates of the Carribean 2
DETECTIVE-- i'm not going to let you just waltz around here like you're in a candy store
PSYCH- to be honest with you . . . i've worked in a candy store.. and it's nothing like this. =D

--psych [[best show everrrr]]
offense sells tickets
defense wins championships

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