Quotes added on Saturday, August 5 2006

i AM WhO i AM©©
your approval isn't needed =]

i's- impactt size 18
a's- impactt size 18
m's- comic sans MS (western)- size 18
o- comic sans MS (western) size 18
w && h- impactt size 18
your approval isn't needed =]- arial size 8

u pick the colors
dont take credit nott mine

x0x0 aLwAyZ bRiAnA <33
Oh, Havent You Heard ?

oh,- O is comic sans MS (western) h is impact size 18 for both
Havent- H is comic sans MS (western) avent is impact size 18 forr both
You- Y is comic sans MS (western) ou is impact size 18 for both
Heard ?- H is comic sans MS (western) eard? impact size 18 for bothhhh

u pick da colorzz ((looks best in a light pink and light bluee =]))
dont take creditt pleasee

x0x0 alwayzz bRiAnA <33
justin:heyy viola.
viola:wat justin.
justin:ken we talk.
viola:ew have talked justin & now im done talking.
justin:cant u just 4get about this stupid soccer situation
& be a girl for 5 seconds ?
viola:ok first ok all its not just a stupid soccer
situation & second ur a jerk haha look at their
thats 5
~*~ shes the man ~*~
omg that movie was so good
im me at codybabiizxoxo14 4 the edits
i hate when people say i "LOVED" him .. u can never stop loving someone ;;

so you were never in love in the first place </3
im hot and i know it
and im not scared to show it

omg isnt that so kewl i thot of it all by my self
you never know if life is greater then death
but you know love, is greater then either
death gotta be easy bcuz life is hard! - 50 cent
so forgive me if i ever say 'im fine'
... its a lie i need to tell
You're not sure that you love me
But you're not sure enough to let me go.
Baby it aint fair ya know
to just keep me hangin' round,
you say you don't wanna hurt me,
you don't wanna see my tears.
So why are you still standin' here
just watchin' me drown?
Such a heart that will lead you to deceiving
All the pain held in your
Hands are shaking cold
Your hands are mine to hold
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