Quotes added on Friday, August 11 2006

for those nights when you cant fall asleep... dance arond in your underoos like your the last person on earth

lol thats what i do
i'm not going to miss you anymore.
thanks for being just another guy.
every time i shed a tear for you

my heart dies a little more

but soon my eyes will be all out of tears

and my heart will forget about you

because it wont exist
LOVE isnt about finding the perfect person ,its about seeing an imperfect person PERFECTLY
love means never havin ta say I LOVE U
theres this place where my fingertips still rest,your kisses still linger,and your wispers softly echo. Its the place where a part of u will forever be a part of me
guys like u are why i push people away when i feel im geting to close
i hate u for making me cry
even more for making me feel
i could let my gard down

u dont deserve me!
Did you know that girls have unique powers--
-they get wet w.o water
-bleed without an injury
-and make boneles things get hard

is a wonderful thing if u have LOTS of itt.....
but always remember

U caNt bUy lOvE
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