Quotes added on Saturday, August 12 2006

With just one look you made my heart stop
With just one smile you worked miracles
With just one touch you made my insides m e l t
With just one I love you, you stole my heart forever.
the _ _ s p a c e s _ _ between your
[ fingers ] were `meant to be filled
.··x´¨`·x·´¨`·..·»»with mine.
©© Cinderella walked on broken glass
Sleeping Beauty let a whole lifetime pass
Belle fell in love with a hideous beast
Snow White ate an apple & made a big scene
Jasmine chose out of all a poor man
and Ariel losing it all spent her life on land
it was all about blood sweat and tears
Loves about facing your b i g g e s t f e a r s
Cross my heart,I swear,I'm gonna make this right
Please don't leave me standing here
I'll make all your darkness disappear,
Cross my heart,This time,Boy I'll be loving you
forever,When I need to say a prayer,I'll call your name
On my heart I swear,I swear
he would hug me like he means it and never let go because it would just be too hard
the hardest part about saying goodbye to someone<I3
is knowing you'll never know when you are gonna see them
but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears
1 corinthians 13:10
Maybe this is our chance to soar...

edits:::: times new roman.
maybe and soar.. light green/ italic.
our... pink/ bold
this is/ chance to/... light blue/regular
It's only us,
It's only now,
a simple wish,
It's only tonight. <333

edit.. how ever.
HE'S _____name _____date. MY

it looks better when done.
make the name. subscript.
the date. superscript.
color. hearts; red.
the rest black.
my. bolded.
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