Quotes added on Tuesday, August 15 2006

In every girls heart theres one boy that she'll never forget and for the rest of her life a little part of her will hurt forever....

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he isn't my boyfriend but i love his smile

his kindness. his advice. and laughing together

so i guess i fell in love with our friendship
forever isnt long enough with you...Ā©
im in love with you

&& id kill just to here you say the same
cause all i really want is to lay in your arms,

look into your eyes, and promise we'll

never love anyone else

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& all she wants is someone,

to be afraid of losing her.
for every messed up guy in this world
theres a girl that loves him unconditionally.
no matter what he says or does, shes there.
i force myself to leave him ..</3*
but my heart forces me to stay .
so as i lay here heartbroken
i think of how much love i gave away
and how you will hold onto it each and everyday <3
i remember it was about this time last year,
when i had shed that very first tear.
you were my mind , heart, body and soul..
things had gone around about you that i knew werent tru
but my family didn't bother to listen to what i was going to do.
instead they forced you to stay outta my life
but how could they do this , to me you were and still are my life
i had done this, had pushed you away
baby this was a mistake after i did this i realized for the past six months i felt so hurt, cold, shattered and broken .
all i wanted was you back and baby i was still hoping.
school was comming up and i realized im going to see a lot of you around and seeing soemone you love who isnt yours hurts way to much
this was my time before school started to get you back
you wanted me , and wanted to pick up where we left
as did i, to me i dont care what other people say even my family you and me are meant to be
so this year we will become one
and let our lives not be run
i love you i know this is tru
i will never find another like you .. </3
& the truth is, were all just a bunch of kids
wanting to kno what L O V E is <3333
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