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Hes mine :-D
Not Yours :-)
*boy pulls hands behind girl's back*
boy: you're under arrest.
girl: *smiles* what for?
boy: i don't know there's too many charges.
girl: well just tell me one.
boy: for being too beautiful.
love is like a puzzle.. you spend all of your time looking for one peice to fit.. and sometimes you try to make a peice fit by putting it were its not meant to be.. but eventualy it wont be right.. but when two peices fit together. its perfect
your arms are my CaStLe
your HEArT is my sky

they wipe away tears that i CrY
I try to look away and not think but u still say that you love me, I try to keep thinking but then its all a blur, how do you that ; steal my heart there hasn’t been a day when I didn’t hear your voice even if it was just for a moment
We haven’t talked in a while you just stopped calling one day and then I just got carried away I kissed another guy and you know what was weird I didn’t even see your face even though I pulled away so I went along with it now I look back and I don’t feel the same about you
I told myself to runaway
but I guess my heart just chose to stay
I miss you so much each and everyday
this feeling just wont go away
Find the one you can be yourself in front of. You can say anything. You can laugh. You can smile. You can cry. You scream. You can kiss. You can hug. You can fight….make up the end of the night….& he’d still be crazy about you.
&& out of ALL your lies
" I lOVE YOU" was my
{[ f a v o r i t e ]}

im for editss ;;
& Band Aid's cant
help this time. </3


im for editss ;;
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