Quotes added on Friday, August 18 2006

soccer, soccer
its not just for guys
girls kick but
&& make them cry
brick wall, water fall
name thinks she got it all
but she dont i do so...
boom with thats attitude
peace punch capin crunch
i got somin you cant touch
bang bang choo choo train
wind me up i do my thing
no reeses peices 7-up
mess with me i mess you up!
when people dont laugh at our jokes
we dont think of it as a had-to-be-there-moment thing
we think of it as you have to be retarted like us thing
you know you need a
when cartoon characters start looking
amazinlgy hot
"hey if you think eating
carpet lint is fun, wait
til you f
in love"

-chuckie finster (from rugrats)
people say love is like magic
bit isnt magic
just an illusion?
gwen stafani tought me how to spell
someone should disney
for making every girl
believe they have a
*prince charming*
&& Sometimes
you got to catch yourself when
you © © © FALL
-step up<33

**im me 4 edits
Nora:tomorrow...bring tights

Tyler:Do i look like i own tights?

^^From step up<33
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