Quotes added on Tuesday, August 22 2006

when your a teenager and your sitting up at night
with you mom and your telling her all about this boy
you have fallen for if she says "oh your only 13" don't let her put you down because you never know where life will take you in your life you will have many advantages and wonderful times for the advantages if your with the guy who gives you wonderful times then that is an advantage you should take<333iloveyoubaby
I stuck a penny in a well one day.
To see if wishes came true
I wished that in 1 week
You will be mine.
And sadly it didnt come true
Love&heartsis for Losers.
and i am the biggest loser you will ever meet

Love is for losers;
big font love is different colors

the rest except biggest
smaller font and its black and bold.

Caps in Terminal. underlined
she searched through the whole dictionary and couldn't find one word to explain how she feels about
l o s i n g y o u ..

around,in small fonts. size 14
make the a, in small fonts. size 8
=D enjoy!
&& she may be confused
about a lot of things but she
knows the only time she was
really happy was when
she was with him

liness up in franklin gothic
d a n c i n g a where the stars go blue
dancin` where the evenin fell
dancin' in your wooden shoes

make the 'a' after dancing in small fonts size 8
underline blue in the first line.
italicize** the evenin in the second line.
make the two first lines in arial.
& the last line in tahoma
--make sure to space it out so it lines up =D
were still so young, desperate for attention
and when its all said and done i know i dont care about all of our fights or all the stupid things we said, all i care about is knowing that you are my best friend, and we will always be here for each other
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