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She stays up in the dark til 2 in the morning on the phone and at the end of the conversation, she smiles and says "love ya too." Then she goes and hangs up the phone. Her dad walks in, tired and frumpled and goes "was that the f***er that broke your heart?" the girl laughs and goes "no dad. that was my best friend!"

haha this actually happened only my bro said it, not my dad
there's this girl... that thinks your absolutely
nothing less than perfect, despite your flaws
there's this girl... that dreams about holding you
and loving you with all her might forever
there's this girl... that would give her own life
for you because you make hers worth living
there's this girl... that thinks you're her entire world
but you don't see that because you're too busy
with the girl that couldn't care less

im me for cute editz.
BK Drive In Speaker Person: Will that be all?
Lady Ordering: Yes ....
BK drive in speaker person: OKay drive around. that'll be $4.50
Lady Ordering: (pause, pause, pause) Where do I drive up to?
BK drive in speaker person: Umm you go up and out, take a left at the first AMACO and drive 5 miles and there will be a guy in a yellow poncho his name is HANK. He'll help bring you to your food.
There is always a part of the day for you to kick off your shoes and DANCE

Everyone says how perfect we are for eachother;
We even look the same;
People already mistake us for a couple, but
You're always the first to correct them.
You say "We're Just Friends."
And it's that sentence that just breaks my heart < / 3

im me for cute editz.
Life isn't a fairytale. There will be no Fairygodmother, no glass shoes and no magic mirrors. Instead, there are Friends, screen names and ordinary mirrors. Its up to you to make those things magical.
you said you would never hurt me
&& i said i would never leave you.
well.. i guess we both lied, didnt we?
***FrIeNdS tOdAy
FrIeNdS tOmMaRrOw
We sTiCk ToGeThEr tHrOuGh
ThE pAiN aNd SoRrOw
FrIeNdS fOrEvEr
FrIeNdS aLwAyS tRuE
i WiLl AlWaYs bE bEsT fRiEnDs WiTh YoU<3***

TIP:make friends,forever,together,sorrow,and you bold
capitol letters one color
lowercase another color
Psht .. WhAtEvEr
I tried giving this
relationship all i
had .. But i guess
it wasn't good enough.
Psht .. WhAtEvEr
I tried giving this
relationship my all,
But i guess, it just
wasn't good enough <|3

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Dame xmas x Duro <3
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