Quotes added on Wednesday, August 23 2006

Words only affect you, as much as you let them.
-- Jenifer Lopez
I beleave everyone has a special someone out there, but they are just still lookin for that person
I dont want to be the girl
that you wont talk to when you
are with your friends
i want to be the one that you
will point and tell all your
friends " Yupp thats my girl "
Kiss me baby, who knows where we will be tomorrow
Life, is complicated
YOu just cant take it

the secrets, the lies
just close your eyes and..

kiss me, Kiss me
it might be the last time
Kiss me, Kiss me
i'm over here but your over there looking at the one girl I cantt help noticing and wishing I was here and that all eyes were on me.
Friends are the ones who will never forgett you ...

im for edits *
It wasnt worth it, he wasnt worth it, but then again he was the one who had me from the moment he said *hello*.
How am I? I'll tell him how I am. I'm a depressed teenage girl who thought she had a chance with a guy who she thought had some class. But now she finds out that this guy is in love with her best friend when he has no clue what he'd be missing by going out with her. I've been bawling and tossing all night as if I was trying to quit an addiction, and hearing his voice right now drives me even crazier because it reminds me how much I still like him.

im me for cute editz.
Haven't you heard that I'm the new cancer?
Never looked better, and you can't stand it
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