Quotes added on Sunday, August 27 2006

I've got these mind boggling
heart pounding stomach flipping,
take my breath away head over heels
knee shaking daydreaming..
feelings for you.

do it all in arial 8pt, && some words in 8pt georgia
We in the car, we ride slow
We doin' things that the girls don't do
The boys stare, we smile back
All my girls in the rainbow Cadillacs, yeah
were you right was i wrong
--» were you weak was I strong? yeah both of
us broken [&+] caught in the moment. we livedd
and we loved and we hurt + we jumped yeah©
when the planets' all allinged- when you looked
into my eyes and just like that, the chemicals react<33
and the only guy who deserves you,
is the one who thinks he doesnt ©
Hi is Such A Small Word, But From The
Right Person, it Can Mean Everything©

lines up in georgia font.
because for me, its always been
you ; always. ive tried to fight it,
ive tried to deny it. but i cant. -©
youre undeniable. THE 0C

lines up in tahoma font<3
Bet you ain't never seen chicks ridin this clean «3
Louis Vuitton Seats, we do it deadly. This how
we keep it poppin -- make sure that bass knockin
so when you see us ridin we call it show stoppin

---lines up in 8pt arial font<3
it doesn't matter anymore
i guess things happen for a reason. tears eventually fade
and one day everything will be exactly how it's supposed
to be. moving on is a process &+ you have to promise
yourself that you're really ready to let go

IM me for editsz <3
the girl who seemed unbreakable broke , the girl
who seemed so strong [ crumbled ] the girl who
always laughed it off cried, The girl who never
stop tring finally quit ... © © ©

no edits << just make the ©'s hearts (symbol)
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