Quotes added on Wednesday, August 30 2006

I don't care if you call me and wake me up in the middle of the night. I hate arguing and you know that. When I think of you, I smile. I laugh at your jokes, even when they're dumb. I love when you look at me and the feeling I get and I wouldn't change that for the world =)
do you know that feeling when everything you think about everything you do reminds you of him when your look at your buddy list all you want to see his sn that feeling when you pick up the phone and all you want to hear is his voice on the other line? :; thats the feeling i have about YOU
I may be a complicated girl
but I'm not that hard to figure out
boy say girls are confusing
yeah we're not the one's saying
i like you one minute and asking
another girl out the next
every now & then, those three little words slip out. no, not i love you. & no, not i hate you. but, i miss you
it's so easy to like a guy
but so hard to tell him
it`s strange how the shortest wordsyes and no are the ones that take themost thought.
whoever said . .
"love lasts forever"
must have been drunk.
&& she said,
"where have you
been my whole
life?" && he said,
"looking for you."
aww haha
well, what am i supposed to think?
you are like the kind of mixed signals
one day you can`t stand me .. & the
next you can't get enough of me ??
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