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I will be her friend no matter what. We are freinds for life.The remories of yesterday will last a lifetime.We'll take the best,forget the rest and some day we'll each other and laugh and laugh.So don't ever take a friend for granuted over a stupid fight.
& i May Not Be With Him
but i still love him like crazy && when i'm around him
i can`t help but smile && it always seems that no
matter what kind of mood i`m in...he can always find
away to make me the happiest girl alive
~*~I was burning up to fall apart
And the walls fall down around my heart~*~

- October fall Keep dreaming upsidedown-
Is this the only evidence that proves
A photograph of you and I
Your reflection I've erased
Like a thousand burned out yesterdays
Believe me when I say goodbye forever
Is for good
Was it a dream?

30 seconds to mars.. Was it a dream?
love is something you find not something you make
you think your over him until you see him by and he smiles at you and all of the old feelings come back
evevy thought consist of him...you can still feel his touch...his lips when he would kiss you...the smell of his cologne...the way he would look at you and tell you he loved you...you need to get over him but you dont want to
youre back in his arms adn hes telling you that he loves you and that he misses you and that youre meant to be together and then he proposes to you with the most beautiful ring youve ever seen in your entire life you fll asleep in his arms the next morning you wake up in your own bed and realize that it was a dream that you wish would come true
you cry into your pillow night after night thinking about te last thing that he ever said to you"i love you" that thought makes you want to go and see him bbut you know that thats out of the question so instead you pick up the phone...but you cant dial his number you know that i you call him that all it will do is cause you more heartbreak and tears
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