Quotes added on Wednesday, September 6 2006

my friends are so cool
i dont need some website
to tell me [x][o][x][o]<33
and you know your with
your friends when [[all]]
of you are laughing and [[none]]
of you know whats so funyy <3
in in this life people
are always telling you
to listen to your heart
well hunn, i've triedd
and all i hear is this
thumping noise x33

editz... use arial it makes it look hott
and then just do all those color thingss
or whatever yeahh want <3
d o n t w o r r y x33
we expect you to be jealous

makee the dont worry in impact
and then the we expect you to be jealous in
arrial.... any colors you want. but try 'expect' in bold ... we in orange and jealous in orange... dont worry in pinkk
Do you think he will change because of you..I thought the same thing btu it wasnt true...He will tell you he loves you but dont believe that...cause once he is done with you he wont come back

They tell you they LOVE you they tell you they CARE they say they willALWAYS be there for you...But when the day is done and something goes wrong they will be the first ones GONE!

We are as STRONG as the friendships we have, the PARTIES we go to and the BOYS we date!
Love us scary
Love is hard
thats why I havent found it
cause im scared
cause its hard
because I found it once but it was all wrong

[i f e l l h e a d o v e r h e e l s]
for you _x333

100% mine
IM for edits.
dorkayy 314
honey ;;
you break it
you buy it x|3
and it seems like
[you're in debt]

100% mine
IM for edits
dorkayy 314
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