Quotes added on Saturday, September 9 2006

A peach is a peach.
A plum is a plum.
But what is a kiss,
Unless you got tongue?
So open your mouth,
And close your eyes,
And give your tongue some exercise.
Bellytops, flipflops.
Lemonade, in the shade.
Hot guys, summer skies.
Turning heads, catching eyes.
Sneaking in, staying out.
That's what girls are all about.
Boys suck....
But don't worry,
We can cover up those hickey's...
Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But whips and chains excite me!
So push me down and tie me up,
And show me how much you like me!
all i want is to be famous.
it doesnt matter what im doing.
i could care less if im the infamous michael jackson.
i just want people to know my name.
if wants were dreams
dreams would fly
It was crazy to depend on other people, to let them be important to you. All it did was make you stupid and vulnerable and blind to reality..
i'm the girl, the one that's always lost. the one
with the fake smile && the girl who seems to
be so strong, but daily continues to break that
girl who's always there and seems to no problems
of her own. the one who holds, back tears until
she's off the phone.. that girl that is in love with
a. g u y. w h o. d o e s n 't.care
This is too all my girlz that play feild hockey!
This is the only sport that u look hot in becuz we are wearing skirts and a polo DUH!!!!
so tonite im not gonna think about the consiquences
the what ifs or maybs
cuz baby tonite im all urs
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