Quotes added on Saturday, September 9 2006

--->> & you know it
softball isnt just a sport
it's a lifestyle =]
everybody falls in love with someone
they know they won't be with for long.
so they look harder & harder. girl ..
you gotta learn to not look for your
t r u e l o v e & let him find you x3
&& he whispered to her
the only way i could
hurt you is if i hold
your hand too t i g h t
if drama was a vodka
we'd all be wasted
i love you
baby, that's all you have to say
i wanna rewind to when i first met you
play all the good times we had
pause all the memories that could've lasted forever
.. & fast forward through all the pain x/3
leave some for when i get backk
&& what hurts the most
----> was being so close
what's popular is not always right ;; what's right is not always popular
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