Quotes added on Monday, September 11 2006

&&right now you've got me
feeling [[overwelmed]],
in _WAY_ over my head,
helped me dig myself a ---->deep ditch<----,
but boy just cuz u r there
i dont want some one to
p u l l m e o u t
i hate
how i KNOW you like me
but you dont show it
you're my boyyfriend
but treat me like a friend
and soon im gonna get tired of it
and stop liking you cuz'
"Its good for your soul to invest in something you can't control."
-- Fever Pitch

Put 'soul' and 'control' in any color of your choice and italicize them, strikeout 'can't' and bold 'good'

Looks best in superscripted Arial size 14 with italicized words in superscripted georgia size 14

If being fresh to death is a crime,
I think its time for me to see the jury (:
I thought I loved you but I apparently thought wrong x/3
I spend an hour getting ready everyday, I spend my money on the latest most expensive clothes,i try to fit in,do things to get your attention but you still dont even notice me it makes me mad that the girls that dont appretitate you you like but i guess thats life && you know what LIFE SUCKS
I love you but it doesnt phase you because you obviously dont even care ♥
Im not retarted im just a little confused =]
"Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins"-Miisz Hilton &hearst;
friends are kisses blown by Angels
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