Quotes added on Tuesday, September 12 2006

I'm the one who's in love with my best friends boyfriend
I triple dog dare you
to fall in love with me
so i can finally be happy
Let an angel sing and make you smile

^^ i have a whole profile to go with this..
i.m me baby
All these days seem the same
yet completely different
we were never meant to last this long
everyone but us knew it.
And we all pay the price
for such a delicate life.
I'm sorry if I hurt you in any way,
just as you are hurting me today.
All your cheap words
and pathetic lines
"We can still be friends"
don't waist your time.
I'd rather be shut out of your life completely
than have you think "friends" when you think of me
&& we're those kinda friends
where no matter where we go..
how many stupid things we say..
or how retarded we act..
everyone still get's jealous
because when we're together
we just make everything seem [[better]]
i like her
your obsessed with her

all the words are pink except
OBSESSED: yellow
HER: w.e color you want
how many slaps across the face does it take
for you to realize he's a fake
take the kids && leave, mom. he doesn't love you
but you choose to have another drink, denying what is true
i'm not running away from it
but i'm saving myself
can you blame me for leaving?
it's all on me, and no one else
&& what about you leaning on me?
i was just a little girl
grow up, mom, come on...
this is the real world
when he holds a knife to your throat
&& has you up against the wall
you cant expect us to save you
because we know he'll kill us all
all those nights you'd come home fighting
&& you wonder why i hate you?
think about what you did to us..
you should hate yourself too.
so did you ever really love me?
because i once loved you
he's made you bleed && you still love him more
&& you know thats true
but guess what, mom, i'm happier now
i'm never going back
&& i promise you that
| emotions | drama| broken hearts | lies|
&`* they say these are the ´¯`·×» b e s t y e a r s o f o u r l i v e s ?
There can be a me && you..♥
But there can be a you and her too.
[at the same time]

Make the edits cah_ute

*There can be a me and you-->pink
*But there can be a you and her too.-->bold & dark gray
*[at the same time]-->pink & bold &underlined
Me && you have been best freinds from the [beginning]
I love you and I would do anything for you.
You are my (best freind). Everyone else is just my F r i e n d. I would do anything for you. I would die for you. You are like the angel that gives me the best things in the world. You are the best thing in the world. I love [you]
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