Quotes added on Wednesday, September 13 2006

just kiss the girl

i have wicked hott edits for this im me for them
this isnt burger king
you cant always have it your way
make up boys;;
stupid fights
drama friends
pillow fights;
best years of our lives
if i just lay here
would u lie with me
and just forget the world

hott edits im me
the worst part of a lie is knowing your not worth the truth
my friends....
my life .....
what's the diffrencee?

E|-small fonts size eightt.
i.m. me for the other edIItzz
&& we're those kinda friends
where no matter where we go..
how many stupid things we say..
or how retarded we act..
everyone still get's jealous
because when we're together
we just make everything seem [[better]]

i.m. me for EDiiTZZ
  :::  (¨`·.·´ )             (¯`°v°´¯) 
  :::    ·.¸.·`  Aéropostale  (_.^._)   

I.M. me for EDiiTZZ--> lilcutie86210 orr MissAmandaKateex
iTS not me thats Perfect
iTS not him thats Perfect
iTS US thats Perfect
[his name here] && [her name here]

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