Quotes added on Thursday, September 14 2006

me and my boy jus broke up and im lookin for someone...i have blonde and black hair...and bright blue eyes...im 17..i go to the greene county career center..im a girl..and im lookin for someone..please write me..if you wanna chat...hit me up at angelize_4u@yahoo.com and we can chat...
juss chyllan around the house =]
leave me a sweet one to come backk to<3
its not me thats perfect
its not hiim thats perfect
its US thats perfect..
fOr eAcHoThEr
[your name] && [his name]
aLwAyS aNd fOrEvEr<3
8 letters
3 words
1 meaning
I Love You
*:. .:*  .:* *:.
.:* *:.  *:. .:*

 _ _
|      |\  /|  \ /
|- -   | \/ |   | 
|_ _   |    |   |

*:. .:*  .:* *:.
.:* *:.  *:. .:*

i.m. for you initals and the xo's
you told me u loved me
i belived you
you told me you would never hurt me
i belived you
you told me you would never cheet on me
and still i belived you
well im done beliveing you
cuz all you do is lie </3
why is it that no matter what i do
i always manage to hurt someone
and why is it that i never am truley happy
im sick of feeling like this
and im sick of all the stuff you put me through
you've hurt me so much i just wanna leave
but i cant
you must think im pretty dumb to belive that you've changed and you do really care about me but ive been lied to too many times, i know you and i know you never cared
the best feeling in the world is
listening to his heartbeat,
& knowing that its beating for you
she'll hang herself with pearls.<3

IM me for cute edits. =]
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