Quotes added on Sunday, September 17 2006

How come everytime you come around my london london bridge
wanna go down like london london wanna go down like london london

friendship lasts forever
and forever never ends
our friendship just ended
so i guess we were never friends
ill stop loving you untill the day after NEVER
our relationship WAS true between me and you, but when i hit send our relationship will end
---->i thiink im F
For Y
u <----
Gettin over you slowly thats what im trying 2 do, sitting here thinking about everything onn my mind trying 2 be rid of u. u try 2 make me mad, u try 2 make me cry. what is it that u dont get from a simple goodbye? i want u 2 leave me alone so i can get on with my life. so im not telling u this again im sorry but good bye..
*It shouldnt have ended the way it did..*
*Im n luv with him*
*he's n luv 2...jus not with me*
*How can u bring sexy back when I neva went anywhere*

AHA!! didnt expect that did ya;)
* The worst way 2 miss someone iz when they r right beside u & yet u know u cant have them bcaz u know they dont want u...*
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