Quotes added on Monday, September 18 2006

Break ups pretty much suck but to know u can love agian makes it all better. Just try not to think about him....and u can love again!!!

thats Love♥

My aol SN is xomonalisa417xo
We in the car;we ride slow,we doin things that the girls dont do....
The boys stare;we smile back;all my girls in the rainbow cadillac yeah!

Show Stopper Danity Kane
I wake up every morning,
Looking at the sunshine.
I always dream of romance and love,
And someone to be mine.

I never thought that it would happen,
And that it would come to me.
But it really did happen!!
I have a guy who will always be with me.
love is blind...
I am not here right now so if you want to talk to me, then you will be talking to an empty computer chair. Unless if i come back but i doubt that.

[[Your name]]

Make it cutee lol
♥witout frendz lyke u, the world would spiral into a black whole of utter chaos♥
Take my breath away,
Let me have the time of my life.
If you love me soo much,
Don't stab me with a knife!
Duh as u can tell I am not here to get to your message right now so please leave me a message you think I will love " ha thank you and if your lucky ill get back to you if I want to =]
As he brakes your
heart u think in your
mind he
lied to me all
along but
then you say to
nothing matters
anymore he
broke my heart <3
and no
one will fix it..'

as u can tell
I went to
school and I will be
.t.i.r.e.d. out
by time I get your
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