Quotes added on Tuesday, September 19 2006

best friends are hard to find but when you find them keep them close becaue you never know when some one will just leave you when times are hard. so keep your friends close and have the best times of ur lives.
what hurts the most, was being so close haveing so much to say watcing you walking away you never know it what could have been and seing loving you what i was trying to do.

-Rascal Flatts
do ya chaine hang low do it wable to the fro do it shing in the light is it platium or is it gold? could you through it over ur sholder?

its really good to hear you voice say my name it sounds so sweet comming from the lips of an angel hearing thoise words makes me so week
if i lay here if i just lay here would you lie with me and just forget the world...
-snow patrol
lifes a garden dig it!
sometimes people care too much...
i think it's called love. --winnie the pooh

all i want is bang bang bang!!!

lol felicia......

Every ball's an O P P O R T U N I T Y

Every game is full of S U C C E S S.

Every team shares P A S S I O N.

Because driving the G A M E is what we like best.
the grass is cut and so are you
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