Quotes added on Saturday, September 23 2006

every night i lay in bed with my head burried in my hands trying to figure out what i did wrong. how did i go on being so strong? you don't even know how wonderful you were in my eyes. even after you caused so much pain, and told me all those lies. oh, i knew when you said you loved me it was no where near true. i didn't even want to fall in love, but then along came you. yeah, i cried when you told me it was over, i admit i was pretty sad. but i'm glad i can finally say i'm through with you, your stupid games, and what we had.
go ahead sweetie. lead me on, kiss me, make me fall for you, then break my heart. i'm used to it.

memories may be beautiful, and yet

whats too painful to remember-

we both choose to forget.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
cause with you i'd withstand
all of hell to hold your hand<3

-far away, nickelback
and I forgive you.
even though you ripped my heart out ;
I forgive you.

..::made by my friend Alyssa ; do NOT claim as your own!::..
finally She
let go of her fake smile as the
tears slowly ran down her face
she whispered softly to herself
"I don't wanna be me anymore"
maybe some things are better left unsaid..
Here's to the crap we talk, the
boys we stalk, the way we shop, the
laughs we cant stop. The gossip we spill,
and the looks that could kill. We'll stay
together, all through the years..best friends
forever through the good times and the tears
I told you that i loved you,
& my heart stopped,
not because i was saying it for the first time,
but beacuse i knew i mean't it more than
A . N . Y . T . H . I . N . G
we're not a clique, we're not a crew ,
we're best friends -- Its how we do.
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