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hey everybody....i jus broke up with my bf...he played me 6 times and i couldnt do it anymore...im a girl...im 17...i have blonde and black hair..i go to the greene county career center....i live in beavercreek ohio..and my name is trinity...i am looking for a bf...or jus a friend i could use both...so to get ahold of me...write me at 1728@greeneccc.com ...and if i dont write you back in a couple days...then write me at needsum1toluv@aim.com .... please...someone...anyone....talk to me...i dont care if its a boy..girl..someone whos single..or taked...it doesnt matter...please
&& im the type of girl that will burst into song without even knowing it.
she's perfectly fine with being herself,
because for once, she `just [doesn't]
care ` what anybody thinks about her.

^ Ooh. really cute edits =) IM meeee!!!
br0ken LOV3 xx < kayy!?
A policeman... I don't know how they do that job man.
What about those cops in New York. I just saw this on CNN a few days ago.
In New York, these cops freaked out, they shot this guy like 15 times
because they said they thought he had a grenade.
He was eating a pear! How do you f*** that up?!
Unless he was eating it like OOOOO (takes bite, throws pear)

^ DANE COOK <33333333333333 absolutly amazing <3

©and its true the best things'
___in life can't t be explained
the best accessory a girl can have are her best friends
whats meant to be will
always find its way
I want to be remembered
as the girl who
always smiles even when
her heart is broken

and the one that could
always brighten up
your day even if
she couldn't brighten
her own
for a
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