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that day you looked in my eyes and said i love you was the day my knees went weak and
i got butterflies in my stomach was when my life made secne but the you broke my heart and i still can't belive i had feelings for you my life is dead and so wrong untill i saw the one who said you where to good for him and he is right im glad he told me that cuzz now i can love him the one who was there for me all a long

i love you babe<3333333333333

dedcated <33333333333
~~**~~HoW cAn I mIsS u If U wOn't Go AwAY~~**~~

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One day in class a girl says "Why don't you just go take the knife you cut ur wrist with and shove it up ur ***"
My response-- "Just becuase you cut doesn't mean anything. Unlike you some people realize they have issues!"
&& Boy
I never meant to crush your
You are a getaway Car.
i should of never set you free
I feel like im loosing the fight.
Would you believe Me?.
if I told you That i could live without you
I wouldnt be able to believe you if you told me that
Don't make someone
your everything,
because once they're
gone, you've got nothing.

I/m DarcyLyyyyyn for cute edittts

hello stranger, remeber how we used to love each other?

I/m DarcyLyyyyyn for cute edittts

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