Quotes added on Tuesday, October 3 2006

-Days of our lives called they want there drama back-
Make it cute<3
justin timberlake can't
bring sexy back

___ never left
waiting 4 my prince charming to come on his beutiful white horse but he doesnt seem to b soming..wait nope that was just a farmer well out searching bbl
i want a guy who just luvs me 4 me throws me in the pool with my clothes opn and then joins in, keeps on tickleing me no matter how much i tel him 2 stop, shows me off to all his friends and his family, holds me close while watching a scary movie and scares me then holds me again, him 2 just luv me 4 me and never wants me to change, and just wants to b with me 4 rest of his life
ya know every girl would rather cry in the rain that way no one can c her tears after he just lost sumthing he will never ever b able to have a agin me.
me and my girlz r just simply so fabulous that we can b compleat idiots losers and freas but at the end of the day people still luv us cause when we met we knew we found our other half, and now me and my girl(z) are full, (name of friends or friend here)
yeah we may not b in hollywood but to every1 else me my girlz and my guyz r simply just wonderful cause we make the school light up with the youngest stars in america..luv ya (friends names here)
rock the boat rock the boat baby...wait burn the school burn the school baby then we can rock the house rock the house baby

lol idk
is it just me or r u simply just perfect 4 me cause i can c that me and u r perfect 2geather
Now you're acting as if I'd still take you back.
Think again, I've moved on. It took so long
for it to actually happen, It took so many long
nights & painful cries, but I'm over you.
Suck it up & deal.
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