Quotes added on Saturday, October 7 2006

&& i guess your just another boy
who makes me smile ♥
so what if i smiled back dosnt mean i love you, but i do like you.&& i guess your just another boy
who makes me smile ♥
Do yo' bangs hang low.

Do the wobble to yo' nose.

Do they fly in the wind?

Are they clipped or are they pinned?

Do they fit into ya pony.

Do some people think ya phony.

Do ya bangs.


take a chance
Let them noe

then leave!!!
These walls can't be my haven
These walls can't keep me safe here
And now i guess i gotta let them down
Cause everybody tries to put some love
on the line ; And everybody feels a
broken heart sometimes, yeah even when
i'm scared i have to try to fly
sometimes i fall * but i've seen
it done before <3
-teddy geiger
listen to your heart
when hes calling for you
listen to your heart
theres nothing else you can do
i dont know where your going
and i dont kow why


make it cute.
make each wordof 'listentoyourheart' a different color and make two of the words in script font. bold and underling random letters in the first part. make each heart a different color
i tried sniffing coke once but the cubes got stuck up my nose
your moms so stupid when she commited suicide she wanted to live to be a hundred
i want a girraffe that rawrs like a dino
you were my strength when I was weak.you were
my voice when i couldnt speak.you wer my eyes when i couldnt see.you saw the best there was
in me.lifted me up when i coulndt reach. you
gave faith cause you believed.im everything i
a m b e c a u s e y o u l o v e d m e..<3
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