Quotes added on Tuesday, October 10 2006

i was enough for him, not long ago.
i was his _number onee_
he told me so</3
& he still means the world to me just so you kno</3
time changes everything, life must go on;;
im not gonna stand inn yourr way</3
even if i popped some pills i wouldnt tap that<3
if you only knew how much pain she goes thro living everyday spent without you</33
its like youu knew it all along, you should've told me from the start;
"hey my name is ____ im gonna break your heart"</3
youu have something that you dont even kno about.

friend: what do youu see inn him.?.?.

me: everything youu dont<3
&& after alllll this time of so many nights spent crying, days spent dreamming, moments spent hoping, my heart spent on braking, my love spent on waisting..you still have no idea you did all this to me</3
Things seseame street taught us:
Miss Piggy introduced us to prostitution,
Bert and Ernie showed us it was ok to be gay,
Elmo taught us that baby molestiong was perfectly normal,
and big bird showed it was ok to sleep with other men.
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