Quotes added on Wednesday, October 11 2006

"dump that zero and go out with a hero like ***!"

ha ha someone said that to me...
"arn't you sopose to be kicking th weeds" ha ha joey..
i am not here right now leave a message ill get back to you.
iammm noottt heerrree righhhttt nowww soooo leavvve itt herreee......
M*Q is a little freshmen!!! ha ha jayy kayy.....

"do u kno where i live?"
"yeha i do"
sumtimes my friends say "why do you love him so much why cant you get over him"
i said "its just how lond i known him for and how well he knew me for and the fact he is that only one who makes me smile any more thats why i mean what can't i say ♥I LOVE YOU♥
i look at you look at me ya im reaching for ya shirt babe what you want me todo lol you love me lol

really happend to me and my best "guy" Friend
Jesus Spoke To Me

Sometimes I wish I could stop the hurt
Dry all of my tears
I realize that your not coming back
And alone I will have to face my fears
I look around this harsh cruel world
And I see a lot of faces
I see cheerleaders cheering
I see players running bases
My friends say "You should just move on"
But then I see you on your lawn
I start to walk away & cry
Even though I know you dont care
And I keep going even though
A love like yours is rare
I look toward the Heavens for a sign
And Jesus speaks to me
He says "Dont worry"
As he points to the sky
"One day youll be in Heaven
But dont let life pass you by."

(This poem was written by a friend)

Tears fall from my eyes and you don't even notice. You hurt me so bad and you don't even realize the pain you cause me. You don't notice so many things that are wrong. But yet when I don't talk to you for some reason you automatically think I'm mad at you. Why are you so blind that you don't see whats right in front of you. I know love cant be THIS blind. You don't see the hurt in my eyes or the scars and fresh cuts on my wrists. Why don't you see it? Why do you only see what you want to see? Why do you ignore everything else?
&& she should win an emmy
because even the best actors just can't compete
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