Quotes added on Thursday, October 12 2006

im tired of ya lies
tired of the way i get no respect
tried of you getting your way
im tired of getting hurt
im tired of you disrespecting muh family
you went away and for that im glad
you can get the help you need
i never gave up on you when it mattered
i gave you money and other things
I almost gave my innocents away
everything you wanted you got besides that
you pruessed me into thing i never wanted to do
and the fact that you got it makes me
regret it so much
its been a while sicence
you left i found someone
new i moved on i think you
should to

this gose to all the gurls who have been hurt by one of your boys friends and who made them do sumthing its for you never let a guy or gurl tell you who you can and cannot hang out with don't let him get the thing he wants when he says he has "needs" forget him and move on that why i wrote the for the gurls take thought of this and think about if he is really worth it
you kno i love you
you kno your muh gurl
you kno i need you
you kno i wud kill if he came bac
we'er immature idiots at time
i love you gurl
you are muh life
& oh how i wish i could be yours forever.....

editss- make yours bold and italics make wish bold. make it look hott&cute&whatever else =] ♥
and its just soo nice the way he kisses you...
i love you so much ian a&f nwlu baby<33

change ian to your bfs namee

ilusfm ian<33
i loved you
before u really knew me
now u love me
and wus weird,
is, for once....
i know it
I could tell you
every little thing thats wrong with him...
and he could do the same about me.

but loves .: weird :. like that

Whats the *Football Team*
Doing on the
~*Marching Band*~ Feild?
You gave me my
~first~ kiss....
you were my
*Party* hard
.:Rock and Roll:.
We're the class
you can't
sent from
we're the class of
I Love you... I wish you loved me...
I wish we had more in common... even though we always find something to talk about... I wish you'd ask me out... I wish I was brave enough to ask you out... even though you might say no.. I wish I wish I wish... but I can wish all I want... it's never gonna

alternate pink and green
center allign
make never gonna happen bold and one size bigger
comic sans MS
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