Quotes added on Sunday, October 15 2006

Your the blonde hair blue eyed girl that once was mine,
but now im waiting at the back of the line.
Its been two years and i cant wait,
until the time that i again can call you my date.
I hope you know that i still care,
and if you ever need me i'll still be there.
Im getting tired of waiting for you,
but staying awake is something i'll do.
& with our friendship comes one guarantee;
whatever happens to you, happens to me. <3
girl: what do you want to be when you grow up?
boy: your husband.

Dear God,
i know that he's out there ... the one i'm supposed to share my whole life with. and in time, you'll show him to me. until then, will you take care of him, comfort him, and protect him until that special day we meet? and let him know to be patient. let him know i'm somewhere out there. <3

you're not the kind of guy who
would ignore me when you're with
your friends, but hold me tighter,
and kiss me a little bit harder,
just to make them jealous
VIRUS : The Love Bug
SYMPTOMS : heart fluttering, light-headed, nausea, stomach doing flips, sweating, blushing, constantly smiling, heavy breathing, wandering thoughts, uncontrolable laughter, giggling & very flirty.

get well soon (:
i loved the way y o u looked at me
i l o v e d the time we spent, baby;
i miss it.
i miss you
Why does the color of my coffee match your eyes
Why do I see you when a stranger passes by
I swear I hear you in the whisper of the wind
I feel you when the sun is dancin' on my skin
And when it's raining
You won't find me complainin' cause

When I think about rain
I think about singing
When I think about singing
It's a heavenly tune
When I think about heaven then
I think about angels
When I think about angels
I think about you

There is no Arizona
No pained desert,no Sedona
If there was a Grand Canyon
She could fill it up with the lies he's told her
But they don't exist,those dreams he sold her
She'll wake up and find
There is no Arizona
Listen, hun,,
I'm gonna give you another chance,,
But I'm not gonna live with being
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