Quotes added on Sunday, October 15 2006

You rescued me in the nick of time
I was right on the edge of goin' out of my mind
I was runnin' on empty down to a crawl
Facing a future with no one at all
And just before I found out
How life without love could be
You rescued me
I'm still waiting
For you to come back
I'm aching
For you to walk through that door
And hold me once more
But you won't
GIRL: you know what kind of wedding i want?
GUY: no, what kind?
GIRL: i've always dreamed of a wedding filled with elaborate elegance, a church filled with flowers, and friends.
GUY: thats nice.
GIRL: yeah... so what kind of wedding do you want?
GUY: one that would make you my wife.
33 days until 11//17//06..where we will all be reunited at last :] get ready for the best week of our lives.
THE NINE::together again in thirty-three
we miss you carmabella ♥
&& if i try real hard..
i can almost still smell your smell
&& if i try real hard..
it almost still feels like you're
l i e i n g n e x t t o m e ♥ ♥

homecoming 06.amazingness.
i loovvvee you cammm.
thanks for making
it the best nite
::fish eyes & brace face::
cameron, i love youu ♥
put the flyers up, im looking for the boy with my heart on his sweater
they say that humans cant live without hearts,
but you ripped mine out and im still living
laughter is timless
imaginaton has no age
&& dreams are forever
there are things that make me smile.
on of them was you, just for little
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