Quotes added on Wednesday, October 18 2006

If I never met you, I wouldn't like you.
If I didn't like you, I wouldn't love you.
If I didn't love you, I wouldn't miss you.
But I did, I do, And I will.
its a love hate relationship;
laugh your heart out
&+ dance in the rain
cherish the memories
&+ ignore the painnn
learn to love ... &+
forgive &+ forget ..
they make me laugh when im crying.
They kill boys that hurt me.
They make me cookies and hot chocolate.
They go shopping with me.
They are at my house 24/7.
They are my best friends.

Hannah, Andrea, Chelsea, Alex, And Paige
^^ love you girls to death
&& this time...
A sweet "hello"
won't fix this one</3
Best Friends will
make fun of the
guyy you hate,
steal all the covers
at a sleepover,
and when you
trip up the stairs,
they're are the cause
[[put best friends name]]
Ask my friends, anyone will tell you.
When your name comes up in any conversation,
no matter what its nature, my eyes sparkle & my smile shines.
Screw Phonics
i'm hooked on you
The only thing that rapers & pirates have in common is..
That they both like to say y o h o e
If you think eating carpet lint is fun wait untill you fall in love..
Chuckie Finster [[ The Rugrats ]
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